At High Places Coaching and Training we strive to achieve a soft feel and willing attitude in all horses in training while tailoring our program to each horse; keeping in mind their unique personality traits and physical abilities.  We believe this is what makes a true horseman or horsewoman and makes the most successful and happy horses in the show pen, on the range or on the trails.

Our passion extends to helping people achieve lifelong dreams by creating a strong connection between rider and equine partner in a safe and relaxed environment. In addition, we strive to do this regardless of one’s experience or physical capability. We believe that focusing on enjoying the feel of your horse translates into great success at your chosen activity whether it be competitive or recreational.

High Places provides the benefit of a dynamic team led by Neacolette Pope, Horse Trainer and Instructor of Beginners.  On site services are provided by David Blouin Farrier Services and the Cochrane Animal Clinic.

Neacolette is specialized in teaching and training western horsemanship and fundamentals with a personal interest in reining. Her training program is influenced through mentorships with reining professionals Austin Seelhoff of Cochrane, Alberta, Wendy Nelson of Cochrane, Alberta, Francois and Josiane Gauthier of Lucama, North Carolina and Jared Leclair of Gainesville, Texas.